A/C Condensate Pump

A/C Condensate Pump

The SimpleAir® A/C Condensate Pump removes condensate in areas where a gravity drain is not possible. The built-in safety switch can be wired to interrupt the A/C unit, alerting you to potential condensate overflow problems. The SimpleAir® A/C Condensate Pump is easy to install and has a reversible top for orientation with any outlet or power connection. Great for basement installations that require up to 20’ of vertical pump lift.



The SimpleAir® A/C Condensate Pump:

 Pumps against gravity for up to 20’
 Is reliable and quiet with anti-vibration feet
 Has indicator lights and a built-in safety switch
 Has a removable check valve
 Is easy to install in new or existing applications
 Comes with a one year warranty

Dehumidifier Use:

Dehumidifiers constantly produce condensate while running. The SimpleAir® A/C Condensate Pump is a great way to move this water outside of your home, allowing your dehumidifier unit to continuously run unattended without worry of overflow or flooding. 

Note: Not for use with potable water.