Duct-Fresh™ Odor Eliminator

SimpleAir® Duct-Fresh™ Odor Eliminator traps and removes unpleasant odors from the air. Destroys and reomoves stubborn odors and smells from pets, smoke, mold, mildew, and musty odors. For us in hospitals, nursing homes, residential, industrial, or any other space that needs refreshing. Effective up to 6 months.

Duct-Fresh comes in two convenient options: an 8 oz. gel and a 32 oz. spray bottle.

Duct Fresh Gel SDS

Duct Fresh Spray SDS

Duct Fresh Spray and Gel


Duct-Fresh™ Odor Eliminator:

  • Instantaneous Super Odor Neutralizer
  • Destroys stubborn pet, smoke, and musty odors
  • Non-toxic and non-staining

Duct-Fresh™ is a unique odor neutralizer, not a perfume or a cover-up.

  • Used in your home, basement, locker room, your car, boat, or any other space that needs refreshing.
  • Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and many other businesses.