EZ Green HVAC Coil Cleaner

EZ GreenTM HVAC Coil Cleaner

SimpleAir® EZ Green is an easy-to-use indoor/outdoor coil cleaner designed to remove soil build-up with minimal time and effort. EZ Green’s vigorous foaming action loosens soil and pushes it out from deep within the coils without damaging the delicate coils and fins in your HVAC unit. EZ Green is non-toxic, biodegradable and odor free for a safe way to remove soil build-up for improved energy efficiency.


SimpleAir® EZ GreenTM
HVAC Coil Cleaner:

 Improves indoor air quality and overall air conditioning efficiency
 Can be used for both indoor and outdoor coil cleaning
 Is metal safe and will not react to metal coils
 Is non-toxic 

Safely clean, degrease
and deodorize:

• A/C condenser & evaporator coils
 Fan blades & blowers
 Electronic filters
 Electronic air cleaners
 Vent grills & registers